An original screenplay written by:

Joe Perales

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George Walker has always known he was a woman, after he comes out to his family and the community, Georgia must fight to get her family and  her job back. 

It’s the first day of school at Buena Ventura High School in Texas, 1980. GEORGIA WALKER heads into work like she would any other day. She’s a literature teacher who loves her job. ROBERT SMITH, the principal, is doing his rounds making sure all the teachers and students are in their classrooms. He walks by Georgia’s classroom. He recognizes her. He’s furious. He waves her to come outside, grabbing her, and dragging her into the hallway. Then he forces her outside the school, slamming the door, locking her out. Georgia, heartbroken at the idea of not being able to teach, has no choice but to go. It turns out Georgia is actually George Walker. Not only is Robert angry about George’s  transition as a transgender woman because of the implications on the job, but George/Georgia is also married to Robert's daughter and they have a son…Georgia is willing to fight to get her family and her job back even if it comes to the ultimate sacrifice…her life.

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Joe Perales, Writer

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